If your behavior towards a girl is deemed to be in violation of our terms and conditions, you may be subject to penalties in accordance with Japanese law.

We are a licensed and excellent store, so you can use our services with peace of mind.

Our store is a special sex establishment with a business license.


Tourists will be charged the following regular rates. Please note that these fees are different from the regular rates.


Normal Course
You can enjoy “chatting, simple massage, various cosplay, sleeping together, etc.” from the “menu (Option list)” that the girls bring with them within the time.
If you do not speak Japanese, please be sure to use the translation application to confirm the details of the treatment and fee with the therapist and complete payment.
After that, you can receive the service.

45min: ¥9,000-
60min: ¥14,000-
90min: ¥19,000-
(*After that, +¥5,000- per 30 min.)

Extension fee: ¥5,000-/30min.
Nomination fee: ¥2,000-
If you feel that the girl is not what you imagined when you entered the room, you can change to another girl with a nomination fee of ¥5,000.

If more than 10 minutes have passed since you entered the room, the room will be rebooked separately and the full course fee will be charged.